A milestone for wildlife coexistence – livestock protection courses starting this spring

After much work from the partners of LIFEstockProtect, the project’s livestock protection courses are beginning this spring! As the first courses of their kind in Europe, they are a milestone for successful wildlife coexistence. They are available to book for anyone wanting to implement protective measures.

LIFEstockProtect – a milestone for coexistence in Europe

Large carnivores are returning to the Alps due to their protected status in the European Union. As a result, there are more depredations on livestock, putting local farmers under serious emotional and financial pressure. However, there is a key solution to reducing this human-wildlife conflict by properly implementing protective measures; these can include fences, guarding dogs and herders. As the EU will not review laws protecting large carnivores for many years, livestock protection is the best way to prevent depredations. Several scientific studies also support its benefit.

As a result, LIFEstockProtect was born in 2020. 17 project partners from across the German-speaking Alpine region, including the European Wilderness Society, are working towards the following goals:

  • Train farmers in livestock protection
  • Support and/or set up livestock protection competence centres
  • Increase acceptance for implementation of livestock protection at local level
  • Educate and raise awareness about livestock protection among farmers, experts, youth and general public
  • Improve professional and public support to promote coexistence with wildlife.

The upcoming training courses, which are heavily subsidised for participants, are key to the first goal.

Livestock protection taught in theory and practice

 The German courses will take place in the project areas of Bavaria, Austria and South Tyrol. They will be held at various farms working together with LIFEstockProtect as competence centres. Taught by experienced farmers, project members and external experts, these courses can be booked by anyone interested in how to best implement protective measures. Each course offers different topics on livestock protection.

The following courses will take place in April:

  •     Protection of lowland pastures, 9.4.2022, Austria 
  •     Mobile fence construction, 9. – 10.4.2022, Germany
  •     Electric fence construction on small meadows, 22. – 24.4.2022, Germany
  •     Pasture management and fence construction, 30.4.2022, Italy
  •     TBC.

More details about each course can be found on the training website.

How to take part

  1. Visit the LIFEstockProtect training website
  2. Choose the course you’d like to attend
  3. Add the course to your cart
  4. Put in the billing and additional information
  5. Complete payment
  6. You will receive an email confirming your registration.

If you have any questions about the courses, please write to LIFEstockProtect using this contact form.

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