International conference Livestock protection in the Alpine region

An exciting international conference Livestock protection in the Alpine region will took place between the 21st and 23rd of January 2020 in Salzburg. The main focus of the conference was how to successfully protect livestock from large carnivores, especially wolf, in the Alps. The conference was organised by LIFE EuroLargeCarnivores, together with AGRIDEA, Bundesverband Berufsschäfer, the EU platform on coexistence between people and large carnivores, as well as the European Landowners Organisation.

The event featured three days of talks by international experts from Europe and the United States. The main topics of discussion was the different types of livestock protection methods, financing of protection measures and protective measures for various types of livestock. In addition, there was a chance to learn more on working with shepherds and wolf learning behaviour.

The European Wilderness Society actively participated in the conference. Max Rossberg, the chairman, together with Wanderschäferei Thomas Schranz from Tyrol demonstrated the different types of fences that can be used in livestock protection. in the alpine region. Marco Ciprani and Alexander Just from the European Commission informed themselves about the challenges and solutions alpine livestock owners are applying to protect their livestock.

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