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Adopting environmental law in Ukraine

As our organisation is getting really active in Ukraine, our team looks at the country’s environmental legislation with extra care. We have been made aware of an on-going project, which aims to harmonise the Ukrainian environmental legislation / laws with the relevant European Union regulation.

Recent news from the Trans-Carpathian region writes that “the signing of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the European Union and its Member States opens up new possibilities and sets new standards in different areas of public life, including environmental protection. Changes in environmental policy and legislation of Ukraine make it necessary to update the Environmental Strategy of Ukraine, the appropriate proposals for which are being prepared by the Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine.”

However the European Wilderness Society wants to raise the question, whether or not the current REFIT of the EU Nature Directives offer the best time for adopting the related Ukrainian laws.

We also believe that Ukraine enriches Europe with its wildlife and nature conservation areas. Our suggestion is to consider a careful analysis of the Ukrainian nature conservation results and see if the EU and its member states can learn from Ukraine in relation to preserving Wilderness.

“We shall not forget that the Ukrainian part of the Carpathian mountain range is an important stepping stone for the Pan-European Green Corridor network. Therefore the protection of existing Wilderness areas is of huge importance for our Society, but also for the European Union” adds Valik Voloshyn from the Uzhhorid office of the European Wilderness Society.

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