Bison Meat for Dinner !?!

Here we are reintroducing the Wisent or European Bison to Europe’s ecosystem! The last free roaming Wisent was shot 1927 in the Caucacus!

On the other part of the World headlines like these show that Bisons are actually coming back as a food source raised by ranchers and sold to quote: “”Our normal customer is someone who is looking for a healthy product that has a unique flavor, and they are willing to pay a little bit more in order to get that healthy product.”

Bison Make Move to More Dinner Plates

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One thought on “Bison Meat for Dinner !?!

  1. Thanks for publishing this nice story from the business news!
    No surprise, actually, that some Americans prefer wildlife burgers over GMO-based steaks. I am not sure how many wild landscapes in Central Europe would fit for Wisent meat production but it is certainly an attractive niche product (which some of us already enjoyed eating in Bialowiecza).

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