European Wilderness Society

Dutch filmmakers in Carpathian Wilderness 1, Jalovecka Valley

Three professional filmmakers Miss Weng Fong Mou, Miss Michaela Ream and Miss Margot Meendering from Hanze university in Holland, came to Slovakia to learn about the Wilderness conservation in Carpathian Mountains, collect information and document Carpathian Wilderness. One of the outcome will be a short film on the subject of Wilderness Conservation in Carpathian Mountains. The group is going to spend 5 days at the territory of Tatras National Park and Low Tara National Park and the next following days in Zacharovanyy Kray National Nature Park in Ukraine.

After discussion with Chairman of European Wilderness Society Mr. Max A E Rossberg the decision was borned to focus on Wilderness in the Carpathian countries such as Slovakia and Ukraine.  The group was accompanied by Mr. Vlado Vancura, Deputy Chairman.

Today, the group guided by local expert Jozef Hlavco visited potential Wilderness in Jalovecka Valley. Despite the foggy weather, the group visited  the very wild area of Monk massive and hiked up the Falco Valley. High up in the mountains they ended up in the Cabin Cervenec, 1420 m in milky, dense fog!

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