Lets Save the last WILD Rivers of Europe

Wild, free-flowing rivers are a beauty of nature that can be rarely found in Europe nowadays. But the Balkans in south-east Europe still have some of the most beautiful rivers on earth, where unique biodiversity exists. Now these rivers are under threat by a “Hydropower Tsunami” of dams already under construction or planned. Even though many of the rivers are protected, almost 3000 dams are supposed to be built in these unique ecosystems destroying them for sure.

Map of all dams that are being planned!

Many of the dams are planned by foreign investors. How the permits could be obtained despite the protection status, is clouded in secrecy. The construction of all these dams could mean the extinction of almost 70 fish species, that occur nowhere else. That is why we want to stop this “Hydropower Tsunami”. We are raising €3000 to support local groups of activists.

One of the wild rivers threatened by the construction of new dams is the Vjosa in Albania. It is the largest free-flowing river in Europe and home to many endemic species. See what makes the Vjosa so unique and how dams would destroy this river:

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