Dutch filmmakers in the Carpathian Wilderness 2, Tatra National Park

For about a week, the three young filmmakers Miss Weng Fong Mou, Miss Michaela Ream and Miss Margot Meendering from the Hanze university in Holland visited the potential Wilderness in Jalovecka valley, the potential Wilderness Ohniste in Low Tatra National Park and potential Wilderness Tichá dolina valley in the Tatra National Park.

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The first day they studied the Wilderness model when the area is privately owned but legally very weak protected (Level 3). Slovakia has officially five levels of protection where each level has clearly defined conditions of the protection and the fifth level is the most strict.

The second day they studied the Wilderness model, when the area is privately owned but legally well protected.

The third day they studied the Wilderness model  when the area is government owned but legally well and long (almost 70 years) protected.

Guided by Vlado Vancura from the European Wilderness Society, the Film makers were able to film different forms of Wilderness in the Slovakian part of the Carpathians.

The film area were also able to film a female brown bear with cubs during this trip.

They also met with Eric Balacs, a carpathian film maker who has already produced several award winning documentaries and who showed his latest film to the team in a private viewing.

One of the outcomes will be a short film on the subject of Wilderness Conservation and large carnivores in the Carpathian Mountains. The film crew is going to spend five days on  the territory of the High Tatras National Park and the Low Tara National Park and then travel guided by Iryna Shchoka and Vlado Vancura to the Zacharovanyy Kray Wilderness in Ukraine. Here they will film the ancient Beech forests and the return of beavers.

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