New: Ukrainian WILD 5 Journal published

European Wilderness Society has just released its new Ukrainian WILD 5 journal for the whole family. The high-quality colourful journal, printed with a new CO2 neutral printing process on high quality recycled paper, includes easily understood but very detailed  information about climate change, its connection with wilderness, the concept of the ecological footprint, an overview of the Ukrainian Wilderness, the European Wilderness Network, detailed information with many photos on the wolf, bear, lynx and the golden jackal, details on Europe´s green corridors, tips on encounter with wild animals and many-many other interesting topics. Among the highlights of the journal are:

  • the first map of the Ukrainian Carpathian region protected areas and wilderness
  • great photo of wilderness
  • QR-coded information with links to videos and further information
  • tips how to deal with climate change impacts
  • human coexistence with large carnivores.

The 32-page Wild 5 journal is perfect for  teachers and educators for biology, geography, ecology, environmental studies. It can also used for extracurricular education and for the junior academy (Mala Academia) and simply for joyful reading by the whole family.

A printed copy will be available in our partner wilderness areas Zacharovanyy Kray and Gorgany Wilderness at the end of May in our office in Uzhhorod.

The WILD 5 Journal will also soon be available in German, French, Spanish and French with adapted content to the specific region.

Iryna Shchoka

Iryna Shchoka is a regional development expert and is based in Uzhhorod, Ukraine.

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