Eco-educators. Stories from Ukraine. Part 2 

During almost 2 months of the war, eco-educators continue to work on the different initiatives all over Ukraine. European Wilderness Society keeps in touch with our Ukrainian friends and colleagues. Some of them had to live their homes, many of them got extra volunteering work and some are even continuing their educational and volunteering activities from abroad! Iryna Shchoka and Karolina Soliar contacted number of Ukrainian eco-educators and we are ready to share some stories of bravery and passion towards nature and humanity.

Chernobyl biosphere reserve

Eco-educators from the Chornobyl Radiation and Ecological Biosphere Reserve were under occupation. Despite this, they were collecting materials for new events. Now, after the liberation of the territory and the establishment of constant communication, we will renew our activities remotely. 

I will not even start writing about our volunteering, because it is clear, that every one does it in Ukraine recently!

Victoria Melnychuk-Volodkina
Head of education department at Chornobyl biosphere reserve

More news from protected areas’ educators

We received more exciting news from Ukrainian protected areas educators, including partners of the European Wilderness Network

Transcarpathian schools recently work online. Therefore, we can´t visit schools in person. Instead, we conduct various environmental and educational activities with children, who have been forced to come to our wonderful land and temporarily live in kindergartens, schools, and hostels. Also, we conduct events at our Central office. Let the weather improve a little!

I hope we make a small contribution, helping these children to go easier through the dramatic changes in their lives.

Victoria Bundziak
Head of environmental education department at Carpathian Biosphere Reserve

Since the beginning of the war our Park actively supports Armed Forces of Ukraine. Nevertheless, our environmental education department continues its main work. Recently we already conducted a number of events, excursions, quests for local and displaced youngsters. Moreover, we planted trees and conducted infocampaign. But the most important is that we believe for the Victory of Ukraine!

Kateryna Shevcenko
eco educator from National Nature Park “Hutsulshchyna”

We also have exciting news from National Nature Park “Synevyr”, another partner of the European Wilderness Network. Two green open-air classes located at the National Park in Ostryky and the Brown Bear Rehabilitation Center are ready for visitors. Those places will become centers of communication and events for the public and students. In particular, it will be possible to hold seminars, lectures, talks, environmental lessons, conferences, exhibitions, competitions, festivals, and more. The variety of forms of classwork, according to modern tendencies will attract as many people of different ages to participate in classes. 

NGOs, museums and teachers

Interreligious and environmental civil forum of Eastern Europe (IRCEF) conducts a lot of environmental education activities in cooperation with protected areas and Environmental education institutions. Recently they help to the National Nature Park “Synevyr” to improve their educational infrastructure and educational events conduction.

Museums, located in the cities, overcrowd by displaced people with children, also becoming more popular places of eco-education.

Now we make a lot of events on environmental issues at the museum for children of internally displaced persons and Uzhhorod citizens.

Ruslana Dzhahman
educator at Transcarpathian Museum of Local Lore

Some eco-educators temporary left Ukraine, but still continue their work. One of them is Lyudmyla Lutak-Shchoka, who joint us for Junior Rangers activities in Ukraine sometime ago.

I am in Prague recently and together with the organization “New Ukraine” and “Řibáři Hostivař” try to continue environmental education here for Ukrainians.

Lyudmyla Lutak-Shchoka
head of the Junior Ranger Club from Transcarpathia

We are grateful for all the stories and photo eco-educators shared with us! And we hope they can continue even in such circumstances.

Ukraine needs your support!

So, the war can’t stop eco-educators from spreading valuable and important knowledge, making life of people easier. As the European Wilderness Society team, we admire the wild and indomitable spirit of our Ukrainian colleagues!

Furthermore, there is an effective way how to express your solidarity. Join our initiative #NGOs4Ukraine and make your donation! You can donate for medical aid, food for animals in the zoos or help for protected areas. All costs go directly to Ukrainian funds!

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