Eco-educators. Stories from Ukraine. Part 1 

During almost 2 months of the war, eco-educators continue to work on the different initiatives all over Ukraine. European Wilderness Society keeps in touch with our Ukrainian friends and colleagues. Some of them had to live their homes, many of them got extra volunteering work and some are even continuing their educational and volunteering activities from abroad! Iryna Shchoka and Karolina Soliar contacted number of Ukrainian eco-educators and we are ready to share some stories of bravery and passion towards nature and humanity.

Among educators, with whom we talked are educators from Kyiv region and even from Chernobyl Radiation and Ecological Reserve!

News from protected areas

For the first 2 weeks of the war – I volunteered in Chernivtsi and Ivano-Frankivsk regions. I helped to deliver humanitarian aid and food to civil people. Then I was in the capital, Kyiv as a volunteer at the international committee of the Red Cross. Besides that volunteered at different volunteering hubs, and helped local defense forces.

Some fellow environmental educators also volunteered at hubs throughout the war. Some of them evacuated to safe regions.

We try to restart the workflow in the Park. But we’ll see, since from day to day there is different information and everything can change quickly. My mood is cheerful, full of strive for victory and an incredible desire to walk the trails of National Nature Park Holosiivskyy (#NashNatsPark)

Serhiy Khara
Leading specialist in environmental education at Holosiivskyi National Nature Park

Currently, eco-educators at our park are working remotely with young students on the topics: “Save the primrose”, “Burning grass – a danger to life!”, “Earth is my home!”, ” Primrose of the native land “, ” Caring for animals “, ” Animals and plants of the native land “, “Nature of the native land “, ” The future of my village/city “, and others. 

Thanks, God, for the peaceful sky over the Carpathians! 

Oxana Tomnyuk
Leading eco-educator at Cheremosky National Nature Park

Ukrainian environmental NGOs

Our partner NGO FORZA also continues its important activities. Besides, sustainable development projects, they also help displaced people and continue preparation for the Youth Green Conference-2022.

Now I also work in the medical-logistics center of the Charity foundation. We are sending medicine, clothes, food and hygiene stuff to the whole Ukraine! Moreover, in this center I´ve initiated waste separated collection. And the waste then transported for proper processing and utilization. In any case we remember about conservation of the natural resources of our planet! I believe, that the truth is on our side and therefore well-fair will win!

Anna Sabadosh
NGO “Zelenyy varosh (Green city) and Charity foundation “From heart to heart”

Alisa Smyrna, tourist guide and ecoeducator

Beside active social position, Alisa uses her brilliant logistics and communication skills, great connections in Europe, to bring a lot of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and transportation of a lot of displaced Ukrainians to different European countries. Moreover, recently she re-started excursions and further supports local sustainable products producers.

Last year Alisa helped us to conduct an educational outdoor event for Ukrainian youngsters and we hope to continue our cooperation in environmental education field further.

Brave and motivated Ukrainians need support

So, the war can’t stop eco-educators from spreading valuable and important knowledge, making life of people easier. As the European Wilderness Society team, we admire the wild and indomitable spirit of our Ukrainian colleagues!

Recently European Wilderness Society shared our educational materials with our Ukrainian educators, among which Respect Nature and Centralparks posters. This will help educators further do their great job even more efficiently! And we will continue informing you about activities of Ukrainian environmental educators and their needs during the war.

Furthermore, there is an effective way how to express your solidarity. Join our initiative #NGOs4Ukraine and make your donation! You can donate for medical aid, food for animals in the zoos or help for protected areas. All costs go directly to Ukrainian funds!

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