Connecting youth with nature

It is a great pleasure, motivation and very important activity to work with young Europeans! Moreover bringing them to the nature improves their mental and physical health, supports creativity, activeness and team work.

Therefore, the European Wilderness Society continues to cooperate with youngsters in different countries, jointly with partners. One of such example is the Youth Green Conference to be held for the second time. And our local partners already began the preparations for it. Together, we organised a Ukrainian team of youngsters and started a training with them.

Training in Ukraine

On the 22nd and 23rd of May, our local partner NGO FORZA organised a training-excursion in Ukraine. The European Wilderness Society contributed significantly to the preparation and conduction of this event. Moreover, the Department of Education and Science, Youth and Sport of Transcarpathain Regional State Administration supported the event. The event was a part of the project “Transcarpathian youth for save environment” Part of the activities were also conducted in the framework of the project “Roads to Healthy Forests”.

Witches and Climate change

One should always be very creative to spark the interest of modern youngsters. Therefore we used an approach of interpretation of connection between witches and climate change. We explained to youngsters how people dealt with climate change impacts in previous centuries. And why we should act differently now using achievements of science and know-how. Moreover, we also always need to remember that we are a part of the nature and cannot survive without it. We have talked about the power of wind, water, stones, ecosystems and species. Beside receiving new knowledge, the youngsters impressed us with their creativity! During the short period, they created three great performances!

Celebrating International Day of Biological Diversity

Our first day of training-excursion was held on 22nd of May. This is also the International Day of Biological Diversity. We discovered the local biodiversity and discussed why it is so important. Furthermore, why people should be more active in preserving biodiversity worldwide. The European Wilderness Society presented the Respect Nature concept and provided practical tips how we can achieve this goal, but also to enjoy outdoors.

Forest and climate

The Ukrainian partner of both Youth Green Conference projects, NGO FORZA, proposed youngsters various exciting activities on topic “forest and climate”. We talked about the importance and value of trees in the urban areas. But also visited local forest and felt it with all our senses. In the creative way, we have learnt a lot about local tree species and their peculiarities.

Bed&Bike and its owner

Bed&Bike in the Dubrynychi village hosted us for these two days. The place has a number of facilities, supporting sustainable development and nature-friendly approach. Among them:

  • bikers hosting
  • waste separated collection, composting
  • use and promotion of local products
  • making drinks and jams from local products
  • no use of chemicals and wet wipes
  • installation of insect hotel etc.

The owner of Bed&Bike is Alisa Smyrna. She is a certified nature guide and very enthusiastic person. She helped us in the conduction of event activities and played the role of witch. Alisa is a great example how educated and active person can make sustainable business in the rural area nowadays. We are sure that our youngsters learnt a lot from her as well!

Next steps

All youngsters were happy to take part in the event and learnt a lot. As one of the result, they will prepare a short video about themselves and the excursion-training. We also agreed to visit new nature areas in the surrounding and discuss more on green future of our neighbourhood as well as of Europe.

Be aware and take care –is our motto! We can make a difference!

say motivated youngsters, future participants of the Youth Green Conference

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