Win €10 000 to save the forest

The Evergreen Innovation Camp is a follow-up project of the famous Schweighofer Prize, taking place in the BOKU in Vienna. It supports innovations in the forest and wood industry as well as other initiatives, which put a non-profit purpose as the main goal. The “Evergreen” expresses the sustainability and durability of the award. The Camp will be a nerve-racking 48-hours hackathon, starting on the 27th of November 2019. Following on the 29th of November, the team with the best idea wins the first Evergreen Innovation Camp.

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A hackathon is a short time event for developing new projects to find innovative solutions in groups. Often, a hackathon starts with presentations and following discussions. Highly qualified mentors and experts are there to assist while the teams tinker on solutions.

Resolve the challenge

The main principle of sustainability is to use only as much as is produced over a certain times pan. Protecting old growth forests and National Parks are therefore a key element of sustainability, as they host rare flora and fauna. The task of the Evergreen Innovation Camp is to find a backtracking system for the wood from the forest through sawmills. In the end the consumer should be able to backtrack the wood easily. Processing companies could then use the procedure to increase the transparency of their products and this further helps to avoid illegal logging.

€10 000 in cash for the most innovative team

Students and young professionals can participate in this camp. The Evergreen Innovation Camp is interested in (future) developer, forest scientists, economists, information engineers among others. A connection to potential team members is possible via the facebook group. Participants get accommodation and food for free. After presenting the results, a jury selects the winner during the festive award ceremony.

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