Climate change, predators and lifestock protection

This week, we have also been in the middle school in Adnet near Salzburg, Austria. We did a workshop with 14 very motivated kids on climate change, predators and lifestock protection.

Together with the children, we focused on the threats and challenges of climate overheating and, using several examples, showed them very impressively how oil was formed, how it was stored in the earth and why we humans have been taking it back out of the ground since the age of industrialization. We also talked a lot about the devastating effects that we already experience as a result of the climate crisis, like heat waves, droughts, crop losses, floods and melting glaciers. All these events are happening more and more often, making life on earth more and more uncomfortable for us humans. The children had lots of good ideas what everyone can do to positively influence climate change.

Afterwards, the children worked intensively on the big 4 – bear, wolf, lynx and golden jackal – using the information on the roll-ups and wooden cut-outs we brought with us. Then we all went to the beautiful school garden and the outdoor class, where the kids presented their gained knowledge. The children also tested whether they could jump as far as a lynx – well, almost! They managed 2 m, the lynx even jumps up to 7 m! The kids learned about livestock protection as well. The girls in particular were enthusiastic about what shepherdesses do and really liked the shepherd’s job.

It was a great workshop with cool kids and we are looking forward to probably see each other again next year with a different topic. Thanks to the class and their teacher!

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