Women 4 Wilderness 1

Short blog post for International Women’s Day by Karin Eckhar

Wilderness is a haven from the pressures of our fast-paced society. It provides us with a place to seek relief from our smart phones, our to-do lists and projects at home. However, Wilderness is in short supply in Europe, especially in Western Europe. We need more Wilderness! There needs to be a better understanding of the importance of Wilderness in Europe, why these places matter so much, that they have a value when left untouched. Wilderness is not just a resource to be developed. but it has many human, natural and economic benefits that are not well understood to the general public. We need to protect more of Europe’s rich biodiversity and natural heritage that is contained within these areas.

I am enamored with Wilderness and all the nature that it contains in a particular landscape. I continue to be amazed by the diversity of plants and animals and how they interact in nature, how they are connected. I want to see more Wilderness in all of Europe and see an increase in some of the continent’s most endangered species.

The Europeen Wilderness Society is the voice for the Wilderness!

Karin Eckhard is a sustainability consultant with a passion for tourism and biodiveristy conservation who lives in Madrid, Spain (twitter @KarinEckhard)

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