Forest Wilderness and the role of deadwood!

A recent CEEweb publication is focusing on forest Wilderness, dead wood and non-intervention management!

Forest and other wooded land are covering more than 40% of the EU’s land area. Despite of this significant figure European forests are exposed to a number of pressures such as climate change, habitat fragmentation, invasive alien species or the intensification of forest management.

The CEEweb publication titled ‘Four Highlights from Natura 2000 Forest, NGO recommendation on management’ is an important contribution to this subject with a focus on Wilderness and non-intervention management, ecological coherence and management of the dead wood!

List of recommendations and conclusions at the end of publication is offering excellent background for decision makers, field managers and all individuals interested to this subject. Recommendations and conclusions are divided to the following blocks: Wilderness and non-intervention management, Management for deadwood retention, Light forest and Ecological coherence are providing an excellent guidance for practical and field work.

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