Implementing a European Wilderness Resolution

The European Parliament (EP) adopted a Wilderness Resolution (hereafter referred to as the Resolution) on 3 February 2009. The huge majority of YES votes gave a popular mandate to implement some measures to improve the protection of Wilderness on a European level.

Although most points of the EP resolution called the European Commission to take actions, some were addressed to EU Member States (MSs). A research paper is to be presented during the Future of Wold Europe conference in Leeds between 12 and 14 September, which evaluates the actual implementation of the EP calls on Member State level. The short questionnaire (see the link) helps our advisor, Zoltan Kun, to gather information on the actions of MSs on Wilderness protection since 03/02/2009. After the analysis of the answers the article will not only be presented in Leeds but also on our website later in 2016.

Some of the questions might seem too general, but there might be a follow questionnaire depending on the results of this document. Please complete the questionnaire and distribute it towards your relevant colleagues and connections.

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