French authority pressured to kill wolves in National Parks

This article originates from FERUS Press Release September 18, 2019.

The French organisation FERUS has published a press release together with the ASPAS and LPO to remind the French authority that National Park provides safe refuge for wildlife. After recent sheep depredation incidents in the area, the French authority are under pressure to allow killing of wolves in the National Parks.

Nowhere to be safe

French National Parks make up 0,66% of the French territory on land. On this small surface, wildlife should be protected without exceptions. Yet, the lobby to kill wolves in French National Parks is strong. In September, a so-called ‘working group on predation in National Parks’ met in Lyon. The meeting took place after sheep depredation within Ecrins National Park. The analysis showed that insufficient protection measures were in place to protect the sheep against predators unfortunately.

However, as the press release highlights, the number of depredation incidents is not higher in National Parks than outside their boundaries. Also, killing wolves did not result in less depredation. In fact, the statistics indicate that there has been a stable or even decreasing number of incidents over the last 7 to 10 years.

The French National Parks have allocated resources over the last years to help livestock owners with the protection of their animals. The cabins for shepherd are restored, and emergency services for shepherds are available again.

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