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Interview to New York Times

Update: the complete article “A Disgraced Ukrainian Oligarch’s Bizarre Ski Resort Plan” of New York Times can be found here.

Recently European Wilderness Society contributed to the extended interview of the New York Times about huge ski resort building in the Ukrainian Carpathians.

We explained to Andrew Higgins, why European Wilderness Society supports FREE Svydovets initiative. We also provided info, why we are following this contradictive project development.

Among other we provided recommendation to the Ukrainian authorities:

  • consider climate change and environmental issues and reports in the decision-making process
  • follow provisions of the International agreements of Ukraine, one of which is Carpathian Convention
  • proceed further with the creation of the landscape reserve (zakaznik) of the state importance “Central Svydovets”, according to the recommendation of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, dated 24 of July, 2019
  • study recent state of the similar resorts in Europe, including Alps and Carpathians

We will further inform our reader about details of the whole interview as well as about further movements regarding this project.

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