Meet the WILDArtists of Majella

WILDArt has ended two weeks ago, but the exhibition of the artwork created during the week will still be visible in Majella National Park until the beginning of November. If you are interested to get to know the WILDArtists of Majella, look no further!

Birgitta Wahlers

“With every facet of our planet that we disturb, a small part of ourselves dies.”

Birgitta is a German artist who travelled for several months in Africa and South America, before she attended a basic training course for riding therapy. After studying fine arts, art therapy and art education she became an art therapist and  educator of fine arts.  She incorporates nature and wildlife into her artworks and concepts. She knows how to apply her knowledge about nature flawlessly in her work, not only in her work as an artist but also in her art classes. Through her lessons, Birgitta makes a new generation aware of nature and its importance.

Carola Güldner

“A great artist is a simplifier, Van Gogh said, and I hope I can fulfill that.”

Carola is a freelance travel journalist, blogger, photographer and Youtuber who learned early in her youth in East Germany the ultimate value of freedom. She expresses her thoughts on her travels and her knowledge of life in reports and poems. She has a degree in literature and has worked successfully as a cattle farmer, cemetery gardener and lithography assistant, as well as giving eulogies at funerals. Her journey of life took her to Tibet, Nepal, Brunei, Singapore and opened her eyes and ears to the local people, animals and nature.

John Hausdoerffer

“What does the good life look like once we accept that all places are “here” and all eras are “now”? What does the good life look like if all peoples are considered as part of an equal humanity and if all species are considered as persons?”

John is an environmental philosopher, teacher, organizational founder and writer from Gunnison, Colorado. John is the founding Dean of the School of Environment & Sustainability and Director of the Master in Environmental Management (MEM) program at Western Colorado University – a unique chance to study the concept and philosophy of wilderness while being surrounded by numerous Wilderness areas to experience the solitude in and gratitude for untouched nature.He also co-founded the Coldharbour Institute, the Resilience Studies Consortium, the Mountain Resilience Coalition , and serves on the Board of the Society for Wilderness Stewardship. 

Karen Hausdoerffer

“Natural spaces instigate human change. The landscape we move through can unmoor us, rebuild us, rend us apart, and with luck, stitch us back together.”

Karen teaches environmental writing for Western Colorado University and English as a Second Language for adults. She earned an MFA in fiction writing at the University of Idaho, and she has published in magazines ranging from Shenandoah to Backcountry. She is currently seeking representation for her Middle Grade novels.

Richard Hingston

“My art is not so much about what I see in nature, but what impressions I can share with others. I hope my watercolors fill you with joy, wonder, and connectedness to this place we share.”

Richard’s watercolors reflect a deep connection with the many lakes, trails, and mountains that have been a visual inspiration in his life.  The natural world has provided him an ally in his visual expression.  Richard has earned degrees from Wilkes University and the University of Pennsylvania.  He was an Art Educator for nearly 4 decades. He lives with his wife Marjorie in Delaware, USA.

Sarah Prentiss

“As a mom of a nature-loving family I find nurturing of community especially important.”

Sarah is a medical professional during the day (a physiotherapist), but during her non-working hours, she loves to explore the woods and the lake with her camera taking photos of loons and herons and her daughter. She is also known to create beautiful ceramics from slabs of clay. And she spends every day bringing art into her daughter’s life.

Sean Prentiss

“I find the most beautiful thing in life is finding the metaphors in the world around me, rather than inventing them, because they are already there waiting to be lit up so people can see them.”

Sean focuses on craft essays concentrating on creative nonfiction and environmental writing. He writes about his work as a trail builder in the Pacific Northwest and in the Desert Southwest in “Crosscut: Poems”. He has canoed the Delaware River solo and hiked the 500-mile Colorado Trail and Vermont’s Long Trail. Sean is a core faculty member at Vermont College of Fine Arts in their Writing and Publishing program and an associate professor at Norwich University. He is a co-author and editor of various creative writing textbooks. Sean is also the award-winning author of “Finding Abbey”.

Svitlana Kyrlyk

“For me it was a completely new experience with new feelings, the incredible combination of this extreme and calm creative life, even if I organized plein air in Synevyr myself.”

Svitlana is an experienced plein air painter from Ukraine. Besides being a painter, she is also a tourism developer in the Transcarpathian Region of Ukraine and co-founder of the Association “Ethno Eco Plus”. Svitlana also coordinates and organises Plein Air and other art events and festivals. One of the recent is “Pralis fest” (Primeval forest fest) in Uzhanskyy National Nature Park of Ukraine. She is also actively developing an ‘art residence’ in the Ukrainian village Smerekova. Since 2017, she is a member of the Ukrainian National Union of Painters. Svitlana´s works can be found in the collection of Museum of Contemporary Art of Ukraine, private collections of Europe, Mexico, China and Ukraine. She also regularly participates in different art exhibitions.

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