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German webinar series about forests

Starting on 23rd July, the European Wilderness Society will host a series of German-speaking webinars shining a light on all aspects of forest biodiversity. The climate crisis, use of wood as a source for renewable energy and changes in land use put pressure on our forests and we have to find solutions to release that pressure from our forests.

Every other week, a professional from the field of forest ecology and management will present their experiences, ideas and approaches about the importance of biodiversity in forests, how it can be protected and how our future forests might look. The webinars will last around 90 min including a presentation and at least 30 min for questions and discussions. They are completely free and open to everyone, however prior registration is requested.

Upcoming topics

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Natural forest management
  • Impact of climate change on forests
  • How can we create a resilient and future-proof forest?
  • Forest fires
  • Game management
  • Influence of Large Carnivores on forest ecosystems

The hot and dry extreme summers of 2018 and 2019 have been causing a major forest crisis in Europe. There is the realistic risk that the situation in 2020 will substantially worsen. […] We plea for a shift towards ecosystem-based solutions. Many foresters seem to underestimate the power of ecosystems and overestimate their own wisdom.

Prof. Pierre Ibisch

Further information on biodiversity in forests and the role of climate change can be found on the project website. In addition, four free journals will be available soon. These will summarize the topics in a concise and understandable manner.

A wave of forest fires has swept over Central Europe within the last years. How can we make our forests more resistent against fires in the future?

First webinar on biodiversity in commercial forests

Our first webinar will take place on 23rd July. For 45 minutes, senior forester Gerald Blaich will present his approach on how to promote biodiversity in a commercial forest. Within his 37 years of managing 1300 ha of forest, he converted spruce monocultures into close-to-nature mixed forests. Using natural regeneration, dead wood and tree species adapted to the location, he created a forest that is ready for future changes in climate and land use. After his presentation, there will be plenty of space for questions and discussions. The webinar is open for everyone with sufficient German skills, but prior registration is requested.

List of upcoming webinars and registration

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