Latest Wilderness news from Ukraine!

 For many people these days one word is likely to spring to mind when they listen to news from Ukraine: Russian invasion and protests.

However way from the main cities and right at the border with Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, the Ukrainian Carpathians are among the most remote – and certainly among the most Wilderness rich – areas the country has to offer. A tiny fragment of the 1,500-kilometre range of mountains stretching in an arc from the Czech Republic to Serbia via Poland and Romania, they occupy the westernmost corner of Ukraine and host their share of the wildlife – wolves, bears, lynxes and a variety of plant species – for which the Carpathians are famous.

The most important fragments of Wilderness are protected through the network of various categories of protected areas. The well-known are Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, Gorgany Nature Reserve or National Park Synevyr. These protected areas ‘owns’ remarkable Carpathians Wilderness heritage!

Wilderness Potential in Ukraine

Nevertheless, even less known, younger protected areas such as National Park Zacharovanij kraj become more and more famous because of their Wilderness heritage and even more because of their commitment to improve the management effectiveness and contribute to the European Wilderness Network.

Regardless of the latest disturbing news from Ukraine, the European Wilderness Society is currently in negotiation with the top manager of National Park Zacharovanyy Kray. His ambition is to contribute to the protection of European Wilderness heritage and gradually increase the size of Wilderness.

We believe that this is going to be a just very first step and motivation for other colleagues from network of Wilderness protected areas in Ukraine and we wish you all the best on the road of Ukraine to a democratic political system.

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  • Yes, it truly is and right in the heart of Europe just a few hours away from Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Prague and Innsbruck.

  • This a great opportunity for key core wilderness and wildlife areas. Excellent stuff.

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