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Illegal logging in Romania

We were made aware today of a posting concerning the alleged illegal logging in Romania’s protected areas. While we at this point in time cannot verify the allegations, we nevertheless would like to make you aware of this posting. Using Google translator, here is a short introduction to the article:

In Romania, right now we do have a new scandal regarding the big protected areas, like national parks and nature parks. The “management” of these areas is done by the forestry sector, but also they have “scientific councils”. Now, the forestry is eliminating the biologists and experts opposing the timber extraction from the strictly protected parts of these parks. In Romania, regarding the biodiversity even in “protected areas”, there is an ongoing genocide.

Peter Lengyel
Society for Conservation Biology

This video from Agentgreen supposedly shows how illegal logging takes place in the Retezat National Forest. The illegal wood is then delivered per truck to a sawmill owned by the Austrian wood company Schweighofer which turns the old growth trees into woodship logs which are then sold by the Austrian supermarket chain SPAR. Schweighofer reaction to the allegations buying illegally logged lumber can be read here.

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