Nature Park Meeting in Carpathian

Vasil, deputy director of Zacharovanij Kraj National Park, Ukraine organized a workshop for us in the Carpathian National Nature Park, located approximately 200km further east and deep in the Carpathian region.

We had the opportunity to present the European Wilderness Quality Standard to representatives from 6 other national parks in the Carpathian region.  The parks in attendance were Verchovinski NP, Viznicki NP, Ceremosski NP Karpatski NP, Huzulschyna NP, Skolivski Beskid NP.

The Standard was met with great enthusiasm and  discussion during and after seminar revealed a great potential to identify new potential Wilderness areas in this part of Ukraine.


During the workshop we presented  the European Wilderness Quality Standard diploma to representatives from Viznicki NP, our partner already for a year.


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