Moving from 1% to 5%

The 10th World Wilderness Congress (aka WILD10) was a milestone for protecting wilderness in Europe. The outcomes of the event were also crucial in order to establish our society. Therefore a series of articles is being dedicated on our website to the WILD10 resolutions linked to Europe.

The Board of our society decided to join Europe’s new conservation vision on the 16th of January.  This decision not only meant that our entity signed up for The Vision for a Wilder Europe document, but also an active contribution to the actions defined in this vision.

Our society shares the overall goal of this initiative

to build on the significant conservation achievements in Europe over the past decades and to launch and promote a new perspective in management and view of nature in European conservation with emphasis on recognising, mobilising and sustaining natural processes, which ultimately could create more robust and more cost-effective conservation management systems, reduce the loss of biodiversity across the continent, and generate new economic opportunities and better services for society.

In order to reach this we are going to work to lift up wilderness protection and argue that non-intervention management should be implemented wherever socially and ecologically possible in order to promote natural processes across the network of European protected areas.

This is why we launched our quality standard, which helps protected area managers to measure their effectiveness and provides guidance how to go towards more wilderness. All of this for our mantra:

More wilderness in Europe

Go from 1% wilderness cover to 5%! If you agree join us and TWEET #morewildernessinEurope

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