Wilderness Policy

WILD10 Resolutions

The WILD10 conference was a milestone in bringing Wilderness protection higher up on the agenda of Europe’s nature conservation policy.

After a few months consultation the resolutions of the conference are now available! We are happy to announce that one of the outcomes echos our target, the European Wilderness Convention.

Our call to Europe

We call upon all European Countries to join together in a European Wilderness Convention based on a framework that incorporates the Wilderness definition, and has a ‘model law’ for Wilderness as a protocol for its protection derived from existing national legislation for strict protection. We sincerely thank the initiator of the resolution, Mark Fisher who coordinated the consultation process.

WILD10 Resolutions

We believe that protecting Wilderness in Europe is possible based on existing legislation. However enforcing strict protection is crucial and a new convention focused on Europe’s Wilderness can help this process. The new convention would also ensure benefits from Wilderness beyond biodiversity. It can help securing the right of future generations to access Wilderness areas!

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