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Update: Do good, feel good: help us translate!

UPDATE: Thank you all for answering our request for help: over 40 volunteer translators already offered their skills in over 20 languages. BUT we still need more translators to meet our ambitious goal to make our material available for as many people as possible. So, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to hearing from you.

If you ever wanted to put your translation skills and time in good use, we have the perfect offer for you: volunteer as a translator for a NGO! There is no better time than now. Even though volunteering has no monetary reward, it offers plenty of richness for yourself, as you improve your skills, do something good and are productive all at the same time. As the icing on the cake, your name will be published with the translation.

The European Wilderness Society is a NGO who has as a goal to protect Europe’s wilderness. With the help of our amazing Wilderness advocates, we were able to translate our ‘Wolves restore nature’s balance in Europe’ poster into almost 20 languages and further spread the word on the essential role of the wolf in the European Wilderness!

We are therefore looking for volunteers who freely offer their translation skills from English into their mother tongue for a good cause about wilderness, animals and nature. We will make all translated publications available for private and education non-commercial purposes!

Publications to be translated

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