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Webinar: European Wilderness Network – Central and Southern Europe

In this webinar, we continued to explore the Wilderness in Central and Southern Europe. Countries that we visited include Portugal, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria and further southeast also Turkey and Georgia.

This webinar is a part of our series on Wilderness-related topics, offered through the Vlado Vancura Wilderness Academy. The first three webinars, on the History of Wilderness, the European Wildernesss Quality Standard and Audit System and the Wilderness in Europe’s North were a great success. Together, they reached almost 900 people.

All our webinars are held in English over the Zoom platform. They are interactive, enabling you to ask questions and take part in discussion. They are free to join from anywhere in the world, you only need a PC, Laptop or Smartphone and internet connection.

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  • my pleasure to join you, thanks

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