Once around the Sun with the Calanda Wolves: A Web documentary of the famous Swiss wolf-pack

The Calanda wolf pack is almost a celebrity. Not only because of different scientific research, but mainly because it contradicts many of the common myths that hunters, the public, forest managers and politicians believe in. Award-winning nature photographer and author Peter Dettling had the unique opportunity to film the pack from 2013 to 2016. He is now publishing his work over the course of 52 episodes. With one episode per week, Peter takes us on a year-long trip into the Swiss Calanda region and European Alps. He captures the nature, the local society, and of course the wolves in the region.

A brief introduction

My name is Peter Dettling and I am a Swiss born nature photographer/filmer and author based in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. I am specializing on documenting the behaviour and life stories of wild living wolves. My latest project narrates the story of the first wolf family to establish itself in the Swiss Alps, after an absence of over 150 years. What I showcase in my newest web-documentary-series is also highly relevant wherever wolves repopulate certain areas that used to have wolves and that are now highly human dominated landscapes. The so-called Calanda wolf family denned only a few hundred meters away from various sheep herds and other livestock that graze each summer in those high alpine and lush mountain meadows! After the first few losses of sheep in 2012 the sheep owners reacted and started to work with sheep guardian dogs. They have not lost a single sheep to the wolves since! This documentary shows also how adaptable wolves are and how they can survive at very close proximity with people in a highly human dominated world. It also showcases people involved in shaping the coexistence with these large carnivores for better or for worse.

Peter A Dettling © All rights reserved
Peter Dettling

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