ORF TV visits European Wilderness Society

The European Wilderness Society welcomed the crew from ORF TV to the Lungau last week. The ORF is filming a reportage for their series ‘Am Schauplatz’ on the challenges between wildlife and livestock in the Alpine areas. ‘Am Schauplatz’ reports weekly on various topics. The program digs deep to investigate all sides of the topics, a process that often takes months.

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Is there room for the wolf in Austria?

This is one of the many questions that ORF reporter Klaus Dutzler and Max Rossberg discussed during the recordings.

There are wolves wandering through Austria and the rest of Europe continuously. Most of them go unnoticed, some make the news headlines. The practical knowledge exists to enable a coexistence between people and wildlife, so it is up to the people to use this knowledge Europe-wide and adapt to the changing situations.

– Max Rossberg, Chairman of European Wilderness Society

Solutions for proper livestock management

Max Rossberg discussed with Klaus Dutzler some of the best practices, when it comes to proper livestock management. This includes the electric fences that can protect smaller herds of animals during daytime and even bigger herds during the night. Using the correct fence is crucial, as we have learned.

The use of livestock guarding dogs is another effective solution to protect animals from predators, such as the wolf. Especially with bigger livestock herds, the cost-effectiveness of livestock guarding dogs is attractive. Looking back in history, the survival of the wolf is also closely correlated with the origin of livestock guarding dog breeds.

And let us not forget shepherds, who disappeared in many countries over the last decades. Shepherds will contribute significantly to reduce the loss of livestock in the mountainous regions. They can continuously monitor the health of the herd, steer the animals into safe grounds, and scare away predators.

Airing later this year

The ORF TV crew will continue with filming various aspects of the wildlife coexistence topic over the next months. ORF reporter Klaus Dutzler will speak with those in favour and against the return of the wolf, as well as local livestock owners of course. We can expect the program to air later this year in autumn.

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