Potential Maramarosh Wilderness in Ukraine

After an intensive but very successful and inspiring week in the Synevyr National Nature Park, where the very first international WILDArt Plein Air event took place, European Wilderness Society´s Wilderness auditors continued their Audit at the Carpathian Biosphere Reserve.

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Due to the strong partnership and commitment towards Wilderness the European Wilderness Society and Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, we were able to fast-track logistic issues for the Maramorosh Quick Audit. European Wilderness Society auditors, accompanied by experienced scientists and rangers Ruslan Gleb and Mykola Romanyuk, are auditing the Maramarosh massif, including its main mountain range – the Pip Ivan Maramoroskyi Mountain.

As a result of this field visit, in addition to a wealth of local expertise and scientific research, the Quick Audit of Maramarosh will be prepared by the European Wilderness Society.

On 18th August the European Wilderness Society, accompanied by Ukrainian scientists, will also visit the embattled unique Svydovets massif where the huge ski resort is planned to be built. Read more on how Svydovets is doing.

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