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Register now for the conference ‘Transnational cooperation for the sustainable future of the Carpathian region’

The Carpathians belong to the most important European eco-regions. Biodiversity loss and increasing pressures threaten its outstanding natural values. Traditional approaches to resource management and nature conservation are no longer sufficient to guarantee long-lasting economic benefits and provision of ecosystem services. Such problems cannot be solved by one country alone and require transnational cooperation.

To tackle these challenges and to improve management capacities in protected areas, the Interreg project “Centralparks” was developed. The Centralparks project aims to reconcile nature conservation and local socio-economic development, as well as to ensure the support and better involve local communities. Policy support documents and tools, tailored for decision-makers and protected area managers will focus on enhancing biodiversity and landscape conservation, local sustainable tourism development, integrated nature conservation planning, habitat evaluation and communication with local communities.

After three successful years, the project now comes to an end and will present its conclusive outcomes to the wider public. Therefore, the project partners are pleased to invite you to join the Centralparks final conference with the title “Transnational cooperation for the sustainable future of the Carpathian region” and discuss together the sustainable future of the Carpathian region. Within the conference, participants will learn about the main outputs of the Centralparks project, and have the chance to discuss good practices and successful EU project experiences related to the Carpathian region and its future sustainable development.

How to join the Final conference

The conference is taking place in 23th and 24th March 2022, Hotel Turówka, Wielicka, Poland as well as online. The language of the conference will be English. The registration is open until 16th of March 2022. After registration, participants interested in online attendance will receive further steps on how to join remotely. 

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