European Wilderness Society

State Nature Conservancy of the Slovak Republic supports Wilderness!

Mr.Milan Boros, General Director of Slovak Nature Conservancy likes and supports Wilderness. The next European Wilderness Academy Days scheduled at the end of the May 2017 is going to be held in Slovakia, at the foothills of Slovakian National Parks – Tatra National Park and Low Tatra National Park. This is a concrete opportunity not only to see Slovakian Wilderness but also to support to incorporate Wilderness into the official nature conservation policy!

Wilderness is an important element of Slovak Nature Conservancy work! However, currently due to complex reasons this subject is facing too many challenges. The European Wilderness Academy Days can be an important momentum and stimulation for the next steps….

said Mr.Boros.

Mr.Milan Boros general director of Slovak Nature Conservancy and Mr. Vlado Vancura, Deputy Chairman of the European Wilderness Society met on 9.12.2016 in the State Nature Conservancy office in Banska Bystrica.

The State Nature Conservancy of Slovak Republic is the central expert organisation for nature and landscape conservation in Slovakia. The main tasks include work on legislation, policy, and guidelines documents as well as management of protected area, surveys and research provision and habitats monitoring. It also work on environmental education and awareness activities, promotion and editorial work, operation of information centers as well as international cooperation and implementation of tasks arising from international conventions and agreements.

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