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Meeting with National Park Jasmund, Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft and Müritz

Right after the superb European Beech Forest Network workshop, we met with several excellent Wilderness advocates in three National Parks in Northern Germany.

National Park Jasmund is not only a member of the UNESCO Primeval Beech Forest World Heritage Network, but also famous for its limestone cliffs. The National Park has several Wilderness areas that are worth protecting and promoting especially since they are a combination of marine and land based Wilderness

National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft has some excellent Wilderness areas worthwhile investigating and here again we have a combination of marine and land based Wilderness.

National Park Müritz is also a member of the UNESCO Primeval Beech Forest World Heritage Network and includes in its territory numerous lakes. Especially the peetbogs and the core zone of the World Heritage site are good examples of Wilderness in northern Europe.

In accordance with the German 2% Wilderness objectiveall three National Parks will or already have switched the management style in large areas of their territory to no human intervention and extraction. Nevertheless, challenges due to a lack of carnivores and immense numbers of ungulates as well as immense pressure from tourism pose unique challenges for these areas.

It is always a joy and inspiration to see so many protected areas and their management move towards Wilderness management principles.

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