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Svydovets case and Green Camp

Free Svydovets and the Bruno Manser Fond are inviting you to the round table event “Svydovets Case”. This event is dedicated to the plans for building a huge ski resort in Ukrainian Carpathians.

Round table

The international community strongly supports the initiative FREE Svydovets. This initiative is aiming at protecting the unique mountain massif called Svydovets from urbanisation. Furthermore, it is supporting low-impact tourism and local traditional economy development.

One of the upcoming supporting activities is a so-called round table with report “Svydovets case” presentation. It provides the chance to exchange visions, ideas and look for new solutions. This report in prepared by the Bruno Manser Fond. Additionally, the European Wilderness Society contributed to this report. Scientists, parliamentarians, NGOs and representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology will participate in the round table. Consequently, after the report presentation the participants will work on alternative scenarios of Svydovets’ development.

Aside from this, the ecological impact assessment of the Recreational family location –touristic complex “Svydovets” is continuing. Therefore it is important to collect and analyse as much relevant information as possible.

Svydovets case

The “Svydovets case” report contains arguments, which confirm that LLC “Skorzonera” is the driving force behind the implementation of the destructive ski resort project in the Ukrainian Carpathians. This company is controlled by the Ukrainian odious oligarch Ihor Kolomyskyy. Meanwhile, examples from other countries show that local people do not benefit from huge ski resorts. And one of such examples is Bulgarian Pirin national park.

The round table will take place on 18th of June in Kyiv, Ukraine in the Aarhus Center of the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Recourses of Ukraine.

Outdoor brainstorming

Another Svydovets supportive event will take place in June. Jointly with Eloltava NGO, Free Svydovets will organize the Green Camp.

During the camp, participants will stay in tents on the territory of Svydovets. In such a way, from July 21st to 27th, they will explore the mountain together. This will enable them to learn to create effective campaigns of public pressure. Also they will learn to be persistent and synchronise with the best from eco-movement. The energy of the Carpathian harmony will support effective brainstorming and provide inspiration.

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