Feeling for a special bike tour – take a ride on the Wolfsradweg!

The Wolfsradweg (Wolf´s Bike Trail) in the saxon area of Lausitz offers you to follow the tracks of German’s first wolves, who recolonised the area in 2000. It is a great example of a sustainable tourism strategy involving the return of the wolves in Europe.

The beautiful route

This area shows beautiful landscape features, after the re-unity of East- and West Germany, lots of people left. The ones who stayed soon recognised the value of the returned wolves, not only from an ecological perspective, but also as a new tourism highlight. The Wolfsradweg leads 43km from Nochten to the Neisse, close to the Polish border, winding through the charming ‚Teichlandschaft’ (area dominated by ponds), passing the ‚open air-museum’ Erlichthof (where a Wolf-exhibition and Information office are located) to the river Neisse.

maps - © All rights reserved
maps – © All rights reserved

Along the way interested bikers can stop at 18 wolf information stations and 3 shelter cabins while experiencing Germany’s first ‚Wolfland’ and lots of other attractions.

Now, if you got in the mood for this extraordinary Bike Tour, please find more information at: www.wolfsradweg.de

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