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Tales of Georgian mythology 

Georgia is one the oldest countries in the world. Located in the eastern part of Europe, Georgia is a transcontinental country between Europe and Asia. Bounded by Black Sea and The Caucasian mountains, Georgia has beautiful nature and sightseeing. Over the centuries people of Georgia created many stories that was connected to the nature. 

900 years old tree in Telavi, Georgia 

One of those stories is about the Plane Tree. There is an old plane tree in Georgia, which is around 900 years old. It is in the eastern part of Georgia, in a town called Telavi. There is a legend about it which says that this tree was so big and high, people believed that it connected heaven and ground to each other. So, people were gathering around it and saying their wishes. People were taking care of this tree and in return the tree started to make their wishes come true. 

This tree is still standing in Georgia and attracts many tourists. 

Mythology of Svaneti, Georgia 

In the western part of Georgia, there is beautiful region called Svaneti. It is known for its majestic mountain scenery and also called as a Land of a Thousand Towers for the historic stone outposts. This environment helped to shape and create different myths and stories which are connected to nature. With huge and beautiful mountains Svaneti looks like a place from a fairy tale. In Georgian mythology there is a myth about forest soul, a god which protected the forest. It’s called Kammerde. He protects all the living things in the forest. According to the myth he punishes everyone who tries and destroys something in the forest. People also believed that if someone was missing in the forest, it would be abducted by him. To this day no one wants to talk about him openly. 

Another myth from Georgian mythology is the myth about animal protector god. His name is Ochokochi. According to the saying he lives in the forest and always has conflict with hunters. Half of his body looks like a human and the other half looks like a ram. He is very strong, covered with dark hair. He avoids meeting with humans but if someone comes across him, he starts stuttering or laughing. He lives in a dark forest and does not come out in daylight. He sleeps during winter and starts hunting in summer. Hunters and shepherds are most likely to encounter him in the forest.  

Georgia attracts people with its breathtaking landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and legendary hospitality, making it a destination like no other. Whether seeking adventure in the mountains, to discover history and culture, or simply to enjoy the warmth of Georgian hospitality, visitors are sure to be captivated by the charm and beauty of this hidden gem of the Caucasus.  

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