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European Wilderness Network: The wildest places in Europe!

In the past years, more than 41 Wilderness Areas from 17 countries joined the European Wilderness Network. The European Wilderness Network ist therefore Europe’s and one of the worlds largest Network of Wilderness areas. The team of the European Wilderness Society visited each of theses the wildest places in Europe in the last years and we meticulously researched, personally visited, audited and certified each Wilderness on whether it complies with the European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System developed and updated by more than 230 Wilderness advocates.

European Wilderness Network

All Wilderness, WILDForests, WILDRivers, WILDIslands and WILDCoasts in the European Wilderness Network are unique and represent the best and wildest places in Europe. They cover a multitude of different habitats, are all governed by natural processes and non-intervention stewardship techniques. These areas are worth a trip to visit to see how nature thrives without us human interfering.

European Wilderness Network benefits

All members of the European Wilderness Network benefit from a multitude of benefits supporting them in their daily stewardship of the Europe’s last Wilderness.

Marketing Support

The European Wilderness Society is providing the European Wilderness Network Partner with an elaborate international communication and marketing strategy free of charge. The European Wilderness Network Partners benefit by receiving not only marketing material to be used in their day to day activities for free, but are also listed in the official search engine optimised European Wilderness Network Website. Each Network Partner has its own page on this website, including information on the specific Wilderness, pictures, sustainable tourism information and contact information.

European Wilderness Network marketing toolbox

The European Wilderness Society supports the Network Partner by providing the European Wilderness Network with European Wilderness Quality Audit Guide, an optional European Wilderness Network Flag, European Wilderness Network Door sign, a regular European Wilderness Network Newsletter, the European Wilderness Society Journal, the European Wilderness Network book and other European Wilderness Society marketing material.

European Wilderness Exchange Programme

The European Wilderness Exchange Programme offers the European Wilderness Network visits other Wilderness areas to exchange personal experience, professional know-how and to train personnel. This also includes the International Fellowship Programme to visit partners in the United Kingdom, Germany and the USA.

European Wilderness Academy Days

European Wilderness Network Partners receive VIP tickets to attend the European Wilderness Academy Days – Europe’s only regular Wilderness conference.

Sustainable Tourism and Wilderness

The sustainable tourism experts of the European Wilderness Society are developing innovative sustainable tourism concepts like “Respect Nature” tourism training concept. The European Wilderness Society also assists European Wilderness Network Partners in the development and implementation of sustainable tourism strategies and regional developments initiatives. 

Personal visits

All Network partners benefit from personal visits of our Wilderness experts free of charge. During these visits of the European Wilderness Society will support the partner in identifying the Wilderness strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges they face in their daily stewardship of Europe’s last Wilderness.

Project developments and partnerships

European Wilderness Network Partners have the opportunity to become a project partner in one of the many Wilderness projects the European Wilderness Society. develops. These include among others projects funded by Interreg, LIFE, Erasmus, COST, ERDF, Horizon 2020 and private donors.

Wilderness Research partners

We support young Undergraduate and Graduate Students in their research efforts and search in cooperation with the European Wilderness Network partners for research projects.

Take a look at Europe´s last Wilderness with more Wilderness areas added to the European Wilderness Network.

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