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Victory for whales – whalehunting not scientific research

Through its most recent decision, the International Court of Justice ruled Japan’s Southern Ocean Whalehunting is not scientific research. The European Wilderness Society welcomes this decision which is a great victory for wildlife protection globally.

‘Research’ program

According to the Sea Sheperd’s website, the case against Japan was heard by the ICJ in July of last year. Then they decided whether Japan is in breach of its international obligations in implementing the JARPA II “research” program in the Southern Ocean. If so they would demand that Japan cease implementation of JARPA II. Also they would revoke any related permits until Japan can make assurances that their operations conform with international law.

Whale with calf

In a vote of 12 to 4, the ICJ ruled that the scientific permits granted by Japan for its whaling program were not scientific research as defined under International Whaling Commission regulations. It ordered that Japan revoke the scientific permits given under JARPA II and refrain from granting any further permits under that program.

Our society congratulates the Sea Sheperd organisation to represent the civil society movement during the courtcase!

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