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We chose our next volunteer

We recently had the call open for our next European Solidarity Corps volunteer in 2020. The call was announced first at the Volunteer Platform of the European Solidarity Corps, and later through our own website. Just within a matter of two weeks, we received more than 200 applications this year.

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Enormous demand for nature-related volunteer positions

After going through the applications, Youthpass CVs and motivation letters, we have made a shortlist of the candidates and finally have selected our next volunteer. The planning is that our next volunteer will start in January 2020 with a 12-month position. For the applicants that were not selected this time, we like to remind them that in spring 2020 new positions will become available again!

It is amazing to see the high numbers of interested applicants to volunteer as part of the European Solidarity Corps in the field of nature conservation with the European Wilderness Society. There is clearly a high demand for these nature-oriented volunteer positions in the Programme!

Nick Huisman
Project development

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