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Discussing the future of Green Europe

The last and final day of the Erasmus+ Youth Green Conference 2019 has come to an end, and we are looking back at an amazing event. This week a big group of youth participants from Austria and Ukraine came together to learn, explore and discuss the topic of sustainability, climate change, wildlife and so much more. After two exciting days including outdoor practices, we focused our attention during the final day on sharing ideas, discussing with experts and decision-makers, and creating new initiatives.

Dialogues with experts and decision-makers

An important part of the Youth Green Conference is the engagement of youth with experts and decision makers. The young participants expressed why they are concerned about the environment, with practical examples from their own hometowns. Together in small groups, the participants discussed how they could get more actively involved to help. Initiatives were created to start garbage collecting events, a reusable drinking bottle system in schools, and even a special team to organise Green Youth events together with us in Ukraine! Also we discussed what ways of volunteering the participants could do, in order to help the environment as well. There was an amazing amount of creativity and enthusiasm in the group, which sounds as a very promising result of this Youth Green Conference!

Earlier, the participants explored the concept of ‘Forest Pedagogy’ with NGO FORZA and European Wilderness Society. It was literally an eye-opener for some of the participants, and a great way to learn more about the importance of trees and nature. At the end of the trip, a special excursion to the local wood-chip central heating factory was even tied in for those interested to learn more. Altogether we are looking back at an inspiring three days with many international participants, special guests, experts and decision-makers. Happy with their Youthpass certificates, the participants have now packed their backs and are heading home, full with new ideas, experiences and inspiration.

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