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Wilderness and the European long-distance trails

The European long distance trails link the European countries from the North Cape to Crete and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Carpathians and the Black Sea. There are 12 the European long distance trails crissed-crossed whole Europe. These trails are based on existing national or regional trails with an additional marking.

Today the network exceeds  55,000 km across Europe. The newest trail is E12, following the northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea.

Tools to explore Europe

For the more active traveller, long distance trails provide excellent opportunities, where hikers can follow long-distance walking trails and take in some of Europe’s finest scenery, while getting fit at the same time. Whether going on a trans-continental odyssey or a leisurely weekend stroll, you will find a trail that suits your capabilities and interests.

Tools to explore European Wilderness

In a time when Wilderness has become an important asset of Europe this network of transcontinental trails is offering a unique opportunity to explore the last Wilderness fragments in Europe. In fact, there is currently plans under way to designate a Wilderness Trail linking the last Old Growth forests and certified Wilderness areas. This new long distance trail would start in Germany, go through Austria to Slovakia and then continue along the carpathian arc through Ukraine to Romania.

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