Wilderness in the National Parks in Austria

Anthropogenic impact in Central Europe dates back several millennia. Humans not only impacted rich lowlands heavily, but also the mountain regions. Despite of the general negative expectation that wild nature and Wilderness, due to this impact is completely gone, pristine wild and attractive fragments of land still exist in this part of central Europe like the Wilderness in the National Parks in Austria.

An extensive network of 6 National Parks, almost 60 nature reserves and nature parks provide proof of the existence of many wild corners and give modern society many excellent opportunities to admire nature in its undisturbed, pristine beauty.

The National Park Kalkalpen and the National Park Hohe Tauern are already certified members of the European Wilderness Network.

This network of National Parks confirms that even in this densely populated part of Europe Wilderness still can be found and that they are appreciated. A short film provides an excellent presentation and guide through these areas…

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