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Wilderness in Pirin is under threat!!!

Another wonderful piece of European Wilderness is likely going to disappear if politicians and developers will not make the decision to stop further constructions and commercial logging.

It seems that even Award of being World Heritage and part of EU Natura 2000 site doesn’t help! National laws, European nature directives and international treaties should ensure that Pirin is protected. It seems they didn’t. The area is also home to the Baikushev’s pine, a 1,300 years old Bosnian Pine, believed to be the oldest tree of its kind on the Balkan peninsula.

The newly proposed management plan for Pirin National Park, which goes for approval to Bulgarian government, says that nearly 60 per cent of the territory of Pirin National Park could be opened to commercial logging! Currently commercial logging,  is allowed on 0%  of Pirin territory!!

Do we really want this? Or is this just an interests of the limited group of people mis-using silence of majority.

If this subject is important for your heart go, click and make the change!

PS: it seems that in the last several weeks Bulgaria and other surrounding countries (reach on natural resources and biodiversity) are more and more frequently subject of European Wilderness Society News communicating concern of the public that something is going wrong in this part of continent.

This is what we have!

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