Youth in Ukraine respects Nature!

The European Wilderness Society continues promotion and educational activities on Respect Nature. Respect Nature is the European guideline on how to enjoy nature with minimal impact on wildlife. In October of last year, we trained a group of Ukrainian teenagers how to respect nature at the Youth Green Conference 2019. Since then, their training has continued in their native city Uzhhorod.


Inspired by the Youth Green Conference 2019, youngsters and NGO representatives from Ukraine decided to conduct the ‘Youth Green Festival‘ in their own city Uzhhorod. Jointly with the European Wilderness Society, they won a project called ‘UzhGreenFest – Youth Green Festival in Uzhhorod: communicating and acting’. During the fest, already trained youngsters planned to share their environmental knowledge with their mates and motivate them be more eco-friendly and active. One essential part of the UzhGreenFest is Respect Nature. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we had to postpone the festival. But it gave us a chance to gain new friends and connect with like-minded people. We moved the communication online and managed several lively meetings of small groups.

We will continue with our educational activities in the park as well as in Ukraine and other European countries!

Iryna Shchoka
European Wilderness Society

Respect Nature in Pidzamkovyy park

The main location of the UzhGreenFest is Pidzamkovyy park in Uzhhorod. This compact green area is an excellent place for a walk and active recreation. This park also contains one of the oldest plane trees (Platanus) in the city, dating back to 1610. On 23rd June, UzhGreenFest organizational committee met in Pidzamkovyy park and presented the Respect Nature approach. We also installed the plate with its principles in a prominent place. Now park visitors will:

  • Be better prepared for trips
  • Stay on the trail
  • Make fire responsibly
  • Respect others and wildlife

and do many more important steps to Respect Nature!

Respect Nature education

Recently, European Wilderness Society conducted an online training on Respect Nature for more than 40 participants. Among them were teachers, educators, protected areas and NGO specialists from Ukraine and other European countries. During the training, participants confirmed that this outdoor ethics has to be further promoted and included into environmental education. The poster is already translated to many European languages and the folder is being finalized. Considering all this, we are looking forward to further cooperate with other organisations to implement Respect Nature all over Europe.

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