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Threatening wolf in Sweden

There are times when conservationists shall take strong action and the time has come now for the wolves!

A Swedish hunting organisation suggested in public to eridicate wolf from the country (see the article here in Swedish). Our Society asks its supporters and everyone who sympathises with our aim to protect Wilderness across Europe to say NO to this proposal.

There is a public voting in the Exressen website where the question is: Should the wolf exist in Sweden? Shockingly the result of the poll as of today is:

  • 30% yes
  • 70% no

This preliminary result is really surprising! Let us copy and paste two quotes from the social media linked to the issue and our society:

European Wilderness advocacy is like solitary wolves coming together in a pack to protect their homeland

John Muir Trust

This proposal is an attack on nature conservation and all the ethical values of a free and wild and healthy nature and a tolerant society that respects life

Staffan Widstrand
Swedish nature photographer and co-founder of the Wild Wonders of Europe

We ask you to vote for YES, wolf should exist in Sweden and we go even further: wold should be re-introduced in all European countries where it went extinct!

6 thoughts on “Threatening wolf in Sweden

  • Great story, been a hunter with such high conservation and wilderness appreciation. Do not you want to share your story on our website?

  • I think everyone needs to relizae the reason all wildlife populations are shrinking is because of people. Not wolves. Period. Habitat fragmentation, loss of range due to roads and development, introduced species, disease, poor concepts of management, grazing, ranching, (although I would rather see cows than condos), poaching, you name it are all factors. The wolf has been histories scapegoat. We need to take a much harder look into our own actions and extend our combined passion for the outdoors beyond just hunting and into our everyday lives. If we the outdoorsmen don’t come together and protect these lands no one will. That protection must come beyond voting for politicians it must be incorportaed into our everyday lives and the lives of our children. Join outdoor groups, educate young people, practice and enforce the ethical use of our wildlands, and just maybe we can have wolves and elk and deer and people.A note for everyone who will email me in response to this and whom questions my comments I have been a hunter for as long as I have been alive and I will have it no other way. I live in AZ where we just reintroduced the Mexican Grey Wolf and I have a degree in Conservation Biology and I believe that if you want to gripe become educated and find a way to make a difference. I hope you all enjoy many beautiful days a field.

  • Dear Ruth,

    Despite of all scientifically proved knowledge and arguments particularly of the benefit of large carnivores and their importance for the healthy ecosystems human behaviour is changing very slowly. Since a young age we are educated in a very much egocentrism concept. That obviously doesn’t help us not only to understand but to accept and adopt knowledge bringing by science already for decades.
    Many Europeans consider Sweden and also other Scandinavia countries as a last threshold of the European wilderness. Many of them visiting this corner of Europe still have that consideration. Suddenly coming to the land with a lot of trees can get the feeling that they suddenly are in the one big protected area. The true is that only small segments of these countries provide examples of the real wilderness.

    Activity of European Wilderness Society is focusing on positive approach, highlighting the last remnants of the European wilderness and focusing on the potential to expand them through the smart and scientifically based wilderness focused restoration. If you are keen to contribute to these positive examples come and join us…

  • In the past Wolves were killed, because they were seen as competition to the hunters and a threat to the livestock. Today, the threat to livestock is typically well managed with reimbursement fees, electrical fences and carnivore management plans in the few areas where livestock are filling in for a lack of herbivores. If wolves are hunted, the reason must therefore be found in the first argument. So focus your attention, why hunters feel threatened by a few wolves and argue on that level.

  • I have signed the petition to stop the killing of Susie the wolf on Care2 etc. I find it unbelievable that in such a huge wilderness of sweden ( seen all the parks on visit sweden), that there is all this land & a handful of wolves, a natural species & they want to kill this new blood.!!! it seems to me that greed, intolerance, & bloodymindedness are at work here. was thinking of holidaying in sweden but not now. I see it has lots of scenery & HUMAN activities which so obviously have priority in this country. Just an empty clinical attractive scenery with little wildlife in it! no mention of it on the site I visited.. very disappointing. With the overpopulation of humans on this planet , eventually there will be no room left for wildlife! How sad is that!

  • Of course the wolf must stay! NOT only in Sweden, but on every place where this beautiful creature was ‘put’ from/throught genuine nature!
    Let people not behave so arrogant = destructive towards animals, not only wolfs, but accept them as part of OUR world!

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