313,993 ha of certified Wilderness in Europe – WOW!

For several years now, the team members of the European Wilderness Society have been building up the European Wilderness Network. This unique network of audited Wilderness according to the European Wilderness Quality Standard has now smashed the 300.000 ha barrier. Just this year alone the

  • Hohe Tauern Wilderness,
  • the Kalkalpen Wilderness and
  • the Zacharovanyy Kray Wilderness with a total of Full-Audited 22,831 ha of Wilderness joined the European Wilderness Network.

In addition,

  • the Homul Wilderness,
  • Synevyr Wilderness,
  • Gorgany Wilderness,
  • Uholka Wilderness and
  • Königsbrücker Heide Wilderness contributed another 32,802 ha to this unique Wilderness network, bringing the total now to more than 313,993 ha of audited Wilderness according to the European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System.

Our objective for 2020 is 500,000 ha and by 2030 1,000,000 ha of audited Wilderness meeting the European Wilderness Quality Standard. If we achieve this, we will have identified, designated and protected a significant of part of the remaining Wilderness in Europe. Please help us in this great task and Let´s get wild. By the way, PanParks already used the European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System to audit their Wilderness partner areas.

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