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Recently you had a chance to read on our web-site about Wilderness pre-assessment in the Carpathian National Nature Park, Ukraine, which received Candidate Diploma of the member of European Wilderness Network.

Carpathian National Nature Park is a non-profit, environmental, recreational, cultural, educational, scientific and research institution of the national significance, located in the picturesque area of the Carpathian Mountains and is very popular destination for different visitors. Therefore, careful attitude towards natural heritage and leave no trace concept application is important and promoted by Park employees and partners.

Ecological-educational tourism trail “To the Huk Waterfall” is one of the most popular visited tourist destinations of the Carpathian National Nature Park.  Lately launched project “Save Huk Waterfall Trail” already resulted in volunteering action on cleaning and trail improvement due to efforts of local community, employees of the Park, volunteer of Peace Corps in Ukraine and partner ecological NGO “Eco-play”.  This project aims to increase the capability of local inhabitants to contribute to the prosperity and sustainability of development in their settlements through volunteerism and leadership by helping to repair a trail and to demonstrate to community leaders the importance of community mobilization by educating them on volunteerism and fundraising.

Wilderness assessment is one of the number of important activities introduced by European Wilderness Society in cooperation with Carpathian National Nature Park. Recently partners agreed to work together also on other important directions of sustainable development:

-environmental and particularly climate change and Wilderness education

–green infrastructure and sustainable transport

-sustainable tourism management

Since both partners have significant experience in education of youth and adults, one of the recent results of cooperation is prepared project proposal on environment education, which includes conduction of outdoor educational activities, education materials preparation and introduction and installation of educational outdoor constructions, promoting “leave not trace” concept.

Please contact us if you want to join our projects in the Carpathian National Nature Park and  financially contribute to them!

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