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Breaking news! International Wilderness Week is back

We are excited to announce the dates for the International Wilderness Week 2022!

International Wilderness Week is a free online event to connect Wilderness enthusiasts and environmental activists from all over the world. The last event happened in 2020 and engaged over 1000 Wilderness advocates. European Wilderness Society believes anyone can participate in Wilderness dialogue as long as they are passionate about saving nature.

International Wilderness Week 2022 will take place from 14th to 16th of December. 

The topic of this year is The Future of Wilderness: opportunities and threats. We are going to discuss the moral dilemma of intervention or non-intervention in the age of climate change. Where are the limits of saving wilderness? Will intervention actually help? What will we destroy while we are trying to help?  

Nowadays, humans are willing to modify and manage nature, claiming to save it. During our 3 day transcontinental online conference, we are going to debate this statement and find out different perspectives in this approach. European Wilderness Society are welcoming different Wilderness Advocates as speakers: scientists, researchers, educators, decision makers, youth and eco-activists to share their opinions on the future of Wilderness. 

The registration for participants will be open in the middle of October. Please check out our Wilderness Academy website to receive updates in time. 

The registration for speakers is already open!

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