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Lesson on Wilderness

Wilderness Services is benefit offering to human to increase quality of his life.

During the last months we presented several important aspects of European Wilderness such as Wilderness Value, Wilderness Accounts and Attributes and Wilderness Functions. We continue on discussion on the main elements of Wilderness in this and following news.

Recreational and experiential quality of Wilderness
Wilderness services flow to individual nonhuman and human agents and to communities alike. These services are a result of the functions of Wilderness as ecosystems preserves and experimental settings, which are in turn the result of the extant attributes of Wilderness. For example, the function of Wilderness to provide recreational and experiential settings supports services such as personal leisure associated with on-site recreational activities and personal healing associated with on-site therapeutic activities.

Inspirational quality of Wilderness

Inspirational quality of Wilderness
Wilderness also provides a setting where people can contemplate the inspirational qualities of nature and may experience  “spiritual revival, moral regeneration, and aesthetic delight”.  The presence of Wilderness may also contribute to the overall social well-being and quality of life in human communities through recreational, therapeutic, religious or spiritual activities. The quality and quantity of personal physical, emotional, or spiritual growth; community well being; and quality of life supported by recreational or therapeutic activities are influenced by the attributes of Wilderness where the activities take place.

Recreational quality of Wilderness

Recreational quality of Wilderness
The function of preserving natural and wild places complements the recreational function of Wilderness. Wilderness, for example, provides primitive camping opportunities where one can see and experience wildlands as they once were before. Wilderness recreational experience characterised by high decree of both naturalness and freedom from human control also complement the function of providing a setting for personal physical, emotional and spiritual growth.

Scientific discovery and educational quality of Wilderness
Wilderness can also provide unique opportunities for scientific discovery and educational development as a natural, outdoor classroom. For some areas of Europe, such as northern part of Scandinavia, Wilderness may also support subsistence living for native Sami population, and by so doing help preserve native European culture.

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