Youth is calling for climate action!

Our latest Erasmus project: Youth Green Conference 2019 finalized last October, but follow-up activities are still continuing. One of them is an article, written by the Ukrainian participant: Natalia Savko. This article was translated into English by another participant, Anastasiya Banoi. We like to share a summarised version of the article with our Wilderness Advocates around the world.

Climate changes, are they real?

Do you think your life will change in the next 20 years due to climate change? And if so, how then?

Max A.E. Rossberg, chairman of the European Wilderness Society, asking the Youth Green Conference 2019 participants.

During the discussion that followed, we understood that after several years we won’t be wearing warm clothes, not only because it will be hotter, but because we will use all resources, that our clothes are made of.

Indeed, for greater economic benefit and our own comfort, we are ready to use all available non-renewable resources on ourselves without thinking about future generations.

A few centuries ago, populations in many countries used beech trees to make charcoal from them. Later, more suitable for industry, coniferous forests began to be actively planted.

Nowadays, beech forests disappear, and with it certain species of plants, animals, insects. The entire ecosystem is destroyed. These processes are irreversible. But what price do we pay for our current temporary comfort?

Insects and animals

All three days we spent at the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Lungau.

During the conference, we had a “Respect Insects” training, where Helena and Ziva, volunteers of the European Wilderness Society, explained why these creatures are extremely important to the planet. Almost 85% of the plants are pollinated by these tiny helpers, while others contribute to the formation of nutrient-rich soil. To contribute to improve the life of insects, we made together insect hotels from natural materials.

The next, no less interesting part of the training was the bee path, where we, in the form of a quest, found the information we needed about the most useful insects – melliferous insects.

Also, we visited the exhibition of the European Wilderness Society “Human & Wilderness Coexistence” and learned how to act when meeting with large predators. And the main thing here is to remain calm.

Witches are the main cause of climate change?

On the second day we had an excursion to the Lungau region. We learned about the environmental and economic situation in the region. Particularly, that:

  • there is a lack of employment in mountainous areas
  • the majority of people are living in the bigger cities
  • the Mur River is being re-naturalised to tackle floods and droughts and many more interesting details.

I was immediately reminded of our picturesque Carpathian Mountains. Will densely populated areas become vacant in a few years time? In addition, the problem of unemployment and earnings… is it not just the problem that we are facing?

Natalia Savko
Youth Green Conference 2019 participant

There are four ski-resorts in Lungau. The most interesting thing about climate change is that owners are increasingly using artificial snow. Therefore, at the beginning of the season, they are preparing the ski slopes while using so much water that it could fill a train with wagons from Austria all the way to China. Since natural snow is not enough, and as soon as the temperature rises above zero, the structure of this snow is completely destroyed.

We also learnt that in the region few centuries ago woman were burned as witches. Since they were blamed for causing natural disasters and diseases. “Witches” were burned, but climate change is still happening, and by the way, extremely fast.

It’s our turn to act!

On the last day, the Ukrainian participants had an opportunity to interact personally with Max Rossberg. Together, we find out what we can contribute to reality by our own efforts. As one of the results, we founded the Youngster Chapter of the European Wilderness Society. Us, ordinary teenagers from Ukraine, with a fire in our hearts and an incredible desire to change the ecological situation in Transcarpathia for the better.

It is believed that in a few years we will be able to conquer Mars and make it a second Earth. But maybe we should at least try to leave our planet a comfortable place to live for future generations? Because, sometimes, even our smallest actions can change absolutely everything. Greta Thunberg was able to stir the world with just a poster. It is your turn to act!

A final word

The complete article in English can be found below. Besides, an article in Ukrainian, consisting of 11 pages can also be found below. We hope that this article will be considered by decision makers while making decisions regarding the Green Future of Europe!

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